Founder's Journey for Better Health

Founder's Journey for Better Health

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Who am I

Hello, my name is Jonathan Moreno. I'm 33 years old at the moment of this blog post. I'm currently overweight. For years I have struggled to lose weight. At times I have lost it and gained it back. I'm working towards getting my life back on track at 33. You heard right, 33. 

So don't stress if you're in your 30s thinking life is over. It's just beginning.

What am I Doing Here?

I'm here posting the 1st blog post for KPGNG and want to share my journey with you. Most of the time, you see others that have reached their goals, but you never get to see the progress, only the event. I wanted to write this and show that I'm in the same boat as you. I'm still working towards my goals; I'm still out here, living every day. I want to share that with you. 

Why this blog?

I am writing this blog to keep myself accountable, be 100% transparent, and show who I am behind the brand. The KPGNG is not just another clothing brand you see out here. We created this to inspire others and let them know that you don't give up no matter what you may be facing. You Keep Going. 


Tools I Will Use

  • Stronglifts App 5x5

  • Simple Garage Gym

garage gym

  • Renpho Digital Scale

  • My Feet (For Walking)
picture of feel on cement


Going Further

There will be weekly or monthly blog posts, if possible, in the near future, which might include video posts.  


Welcome to KPGNG 

Don't Give Up. Keep Going.

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